Swedish Meatballs in Brown Gravy

Finding something delicious to treat family – this is one of the most headache problems of housewives, right? If yes, you are on the right track, the recipe is the best choice for you that I am glad to share today. That is Swedish Meatballs in Brown Gravy.  The simple reason is tender and juicy on the inside of meatballs, and they’re bathed in a tangy, creamy and rich gravy! Just think about it, I can not help control my craving. Let’s check it out with recipes as below.

If you love eating meatballs, this is good recipe to save on your cooking handbook. With detailed instructions of the recipe, you will easily have delicious, flavorful and nutrient to treat whole family. Moreover, taking it a try as you create yourself a chance to bring your cooking skills at new level. All the best things of the great recipe is waiting for you ahead, are your ready to make it.

The recipe is easy to make with easy-to-find ingredients, you can buy in any grocery, or supermarket. Most of all, the perfect combination of many ingredients, they are work well in one. Ok, my guys, we should stop chat chit here, let bring it on your kitchen and try it with us.

Swedish Meatballs in Brown Gravy

Recipe by Maria Vergara
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  • 1 ¼ pound lean ground beef

  • 1 large egg

  • 1 small onion, finely chopped

  • 5 tablespoons butter

  • 3 tablespoons milk

  • 2 slices of bread, torn into small pieces

  • 2 tablespoons flour

  • 1 tablespoon each oil and Worcestershire sauce

  • ½ teaspoon each ground allspice and garlic powder

  • ½ cup sour cream

  • ½ – 2 teaspoons yellow mustard

  • 1 teaspoon salt + ½ teaspoon black pepper

  • ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg

  • 1 ¾ cup beef or chicken broth, low sodium if possible

  • buttered egg noodles or mashed potatoes, for serving


  • Heat a tablespoon of butter over medium heat, in a large skillet. Add the onions, and cook to soften and translucent, for about 3-5 minutes. Remove to a medium bowl and to cool.
  • Pour the milk over the bread and press down with a spoon or your fingers so that the bread soaks up all the milk in a small bowl, let’s sit 5 minutes.
  • When the onions have cooled, add the ground beef, bread mixture, an egg, salt, pepper, nutmeg, and all spice to the bowl and mix until just combined. Don’t overmix the meat as it will result in tough meatballs. Shape into 18-22 meatballs that are about 1- 1 ¼ inch in diameter.
  • Heat 1 tablespoon of butter along with oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the meatballs and cook for 6-9 minutes, turn every couple of minutes to ensure even browning. Transfer them to a plate.
  • Add the remaining 3 tbsp of butter to the skillet on medium-low heat. Sprinkle the flour in and whisk for 1-2 minutes or until it turns golden brown. Slowly pour the beef broth in while you whisk. Lower the heat, whisk in the sour cream until dissolves completely.
  • Add the garlic powder, a ½ teaspoon of mustard, and Worcestershire sauce and let come to a gentle simmer before lowering the heat. Allow sauce to thicken for 6-10 minutes or until it reaches desired consistency. Taste and adjust mustard as desired. Add meatballs when 4 minutes remaining. Should eat right away because the sauce will thicken, or let leave it a little thinner. Serve on top of buttered egg noodles or mashed potatoes. Arrange with fresh parsley if desired!
Swedish Meatballs In Brown Gravy
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    The recipe should be divided into two parts! 1. Meatball ingredients. 2. Gravy ingredients.
    That would make it easier for the novice. Thank you

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