Creamy Black Bean Taquitos



1 batch Creamy Black Bean Taquitos: (16 total): $4.83

4 cups Cilantro Lime Rice: $1.32

1 cup salsa (1/4 cup per meal): $0.92

Total Cost: $7.08

Cost per Meal: $1.77


  • The original recipe for the Cilantro Lime Rice makes six cups, but I didn’t want to have leftovers, so I cut the batch down to make about 4 cups. To do that I used 1.5 cups rice and 2.25 cups broth. I reduced the lime juice and cilantro accordingly as well (estimated).
  • I didn’t actually store the meals with the salsa container inside the larger glass container. The small square Ziploc containers that I used for the salsa (photo below) were too tall to properly close the lid on the glass containers, but I put them in there for the photo so that everything could be pictured together.
  • Another great optional side for this meal would be Warm Corn and Avocado Salad!
  • Want to make your own salsa for dipping? Check out my Fire Roasted Salsa.
  • And if you missed it above, Easy Taco Rice is a great sub for the Cilantro Lime Rice if you’re a soap-cilantro person. 😉
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